Why do we need a marine sanctuary?

A marine sanctuary is a community of marine species that have been protected by legislation from any future commercial exploitation.

Marine parks have been a key part of the conservation effort in Australia for decades.

In the 1960s, the Royal Commission into the Environment found that the loss of marine parks was a significant threat to the nation’s ecosystem.

The commission recommended that all marine parks be managed and managed in a way that maximises the survival of the species.

However, the National Marine Parks Advisory Committee was not consulted and it recommended a marine park be established in the South Australian Coral Reef Park.

Since then, a number of marine park management plans have been developed and the number of protected areas has increased.

The first marine park was established in 1967 in the Northern Territory.

For decades the National Park Service has been responsible for protecting more than 700 protected areas across Australia, including more than 1,200 in Queensland and the ACT.

It is estimated that there are over 300 marine parks in Queensland, with more than 40 in the Kimberley.

There are currently more than 8,000 marine parks on the WA coast, but a further 7,000 in the Pilbara.

Maintaining these areas is challenging, as there is no standardised definition of marine life that is considered to be protected.

Some areas have only been established for one year and can be open for recreational fishing only for a limited time.

One of the biggest challenges for conservation is to manage the population.

This is particularly challenging in coastal regions where the majority of fish species are found.

Marine parks are also important for the protection of rare and threatened species.

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