Why are people turning their backs on snow?

There is little evidence that people are turning their back on snow, a new report from the Natural Resources Defense Council finds.

The report argues that despite widespread calls for snow protection, the snow industry and snowboarders still need to make some progress to protect their communities from climate change.

The study, “The Snow Is Not Enough: Protecting the Ecology, Protecting Our Communities from Climate Change,” found that people were more likely to ignore climate-change-related threats than the government and that there was little evidence they were paying attention to climate change’s effects.

While many people seem to be ignoring climate change, the report said, they are not paying enough attention to how their actions are affecting their communities.

The report also found that most people do not understand the impact of climate change on their livelihoods and that most would rather live with snow than be in a climate-related crisis.

For some, the thought of snow can be “a bit of a scary thought,” said Kate Stewart, a senior attorney at the NRDC.

The snow industry, which is often described as “a global force in the world of winter sports,” has been a mainstay of the winter sports industry since its inception in the 1930s, and has been heavily influenced by climate change and its impacts.

The industry relies on snow as a key part of its annual winter sports calendar, with the snow sport industry in particular relying on a substantial and stable supply of snow.

The NRDC report says that the industry needs to invest in snow protection to help maintain a safe winter sport, and it says the industry must address the impacts of climate-driven change.

For example, the industry should adopt a carbon dioxide emission cap for its winter sports business, the NRDS report says, and develop an “all-weather infrastructure” for the industry to provide “weather-resistant, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly infrastructure” to protect the environment.

The winter sports market is one of the most important revenue streams for the ski industry, and the industry can’t rely on its business model to survive without snow, the group said.

The NRDS said that the majority of the ski business in the United States is now dependent on snow for a substantial portion of its revenues.

The group said that it also believes that there is a need for the U.S. government to help create a more sustainable and sustainable economy in the winter.

Snow is the lifeblood of winter sport in the U-S, Stewart said.

As the industry grows, so does the snow that is required to stay in the ground.

“This is where snow is going to play a key role,” she said.

Stewart said she thinks there is an opportunity for the federal government to provide grants to support the industry’s efforts to develop a more environmentally-friendly winter sport industry.

The U.N. is currently working on an international climate change plan and will issue its first global climate action plan next month, and Stewart said the federal snow industry needs a “significant increase in support” from the federal and state governments.

The U.K. has also announced plans to introduce a cap on CO2 emissions from ski resorts, Stewart added.

The group said it would encourage people to get involved in the ski sector by calling their elected officials and contacting local elected officials, and to sign the Global Climate Action pledge to help to implement global climate change mitigation measures.

The National Snowboard Federation (NSFW) has been lobbying the federal level to help fund a climate change initiative, and other organizations have been urging people to be more active in their communities, Stewart noted.

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