What you need to know about the Biodiversity Conservation Reserve in New Zealand

Posted by TechRadars on Tuesday, December 09, 2018 14:26:55The Biodiverse Conservation Reserve (BCR) in New Britain is a unique area of New Zealand, with more than 1,000 plants and animals from around the world living in the park.

It’s home to a variety of native species, including the red kiwi and the red squirrel, and a large population of endangered species.

It was established by the New Zealand government in 2015 as a way to preserve a natural environment and protect biodiversity for future generations.

The reserve is one of three areas in New England that are part of the New South Wales-Queensland Regional Heritage Management Area, which is an area of land designated as an ecological reserve.BCR is located on the coast, which was created as a place to preserve natural habitat, and is one example of New England’s natural heritage, which includes coastal wetlands, wetlands in the river system, and other unique habitats.

The reserve’s nature conservation plan aims to protect the environment and ensure that its inhabitants are well cared for and have the opportunity to live in a healthy environment.

The plan includes a wildlife management plan, which aims to ensure that wildlife is kept in control, and measures to reduce or remove invasive species.

The plan is also a way of encouraging people to become involved in environmental preservation.

New Zealand’s environment minister, Phil Twyford, said that the reserve is a key part of New South Australia’s efforts to protect its environment, and that the park has the potential to be a model for other places in the country.

The BCR is located in a remote area of the south-west of New Britain.

The park is one-quarter of a kilometre wide and four-fifths of a mile long.

There are only three roads in the area, and most people drive on the roads.

The area has been designated as a national park, and there are a total of 5,935 hectares of land.

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