‘We need to be able to live without it’: How a tiny river in South Africa’s Eastern Cape is helping to protect the environment

“We need a little bit more time,” said Lolo Tshombe, head of the local National Parks Authority.

“I don’t think the government can do much.

We’re not even talking about a small amount.

It’s like we’re living with it.”

Tshambe is also an environmental activist and the chair of the National Parks Commission of Eastern Cape.

He said the authorities have been working for more than a year to address the problem of a small river flowing into a major waterway.

Tshembe says that in recent years, a number of small rivers in Eastern Cape have been found to have polluted water.

But he also said that there is a lack of understanding and awareness among the community.

“There’s a huge disconnection,” he said.

It’s not just the rivers that are being polluted, he said, but also in the way the government is using the resources to do it.

“The river itself is not doing anything,” Tshimbe said.

“It’s just being used as a way to generate electricity.”

The water in the river has been flowing in and out of the town for years, he added.

There’s been no action taken yet by the government, he explained, but Tshumbe said that if the authorities don’t act, he plans to file a formal complaint with the country’s environmental regulator.

In the meantime, he says, the river is a significant drain on his town.

“We can’t use it for irrigation or for our crops,” he told the NBC News team.

Tshomfe’s town, in the Eastern Cape, has been suffering from severe drought and flooding.

But he said that his town has been working to protect its water resources and to manage the pollution problem.

He’s also been helping local communities in the region with their water conservation efforts.

He says that his work in the area has helped save the town of Tshabani from being drained out by the river.

The local authorities have said that the river should be monitored more closely.

This is not the first time that the local authorities of the Eastern African country have been accused of failing to protect water resources.

In 2015, the country was forced to cut water supplies to parts of the country because of a lack on the government’s part of water infrastructure and water management.

However, the government has been doing a better job than it was a few years ago, Tshamboli told the BBC.

As part of its water conservation program, the authorities are also using new technologies to increase the efficiency of water use.

One of those is the introduction of solar energy to increase water efficiency.

The system, known as Smart Water, has a network of cameras, sensors and pumps to measure water quality and monitor the flow of the river in order to improve the flow.

The technology has also been used to reduce pollution and water wastage.

A few years back, the local government in the Central African Republic also used solar water purifiers to reduce the amount of water used by the local population.

But the technology did not work.

Despite the recent water crisis in the country, Tchimba and other local authorities are continuing to work in their efforts to save the rivers and the land that they live on.

They say that they are also trying to prevent the erosion of the small river, which is also a source of drinking water for the surrounding areas.

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