‘The worst ever’: ‘No one should be allowed to get away with it’

‘The most dangerous thing you can do is live like a slave.

There are some people that have no conscience,’ wrote a young man on Twitter.

‘I am sick of living like a prisoner in a prison.

You’re not even human.’

In this clip, the conversation between a young African woman and a woman in her 20s is a bit of a departure from the norm.

The woman is clearly more mature than the young man, and she seems to have more insight into the issues that are at stake in the conversation.

The discussion goes from the idea that we need to take responsibility for the impact that pollution has on our environment to the idea of using eco-friendly alternatives to fuel our cars.

The young woman is a little more open about her views on how to do this.

She says, ‘When it comes to cars, we should focus on reducing emissions, because we can reduce the CO2 we put into the atmosphere, and if we do that, we’ll have a big impact.’

If you want to do more to help the environment, then you need to go green.

You can’t do it by building cars.

We need to stop using them.’

The conversation gets heated when the woman says that we don’t have a climate emergency, because ‘we’ve been living like slaves for the last century’.

The young man agrees.’

No one is slaves anymore,’ he says.

‘The world is now a slave to capitalism.

We’ve been enslaved to this, and we have no rights to escape.’

The woman is adamant that we’re not slaves anymore.

The conversation continues, with the young woman arguing that it’s unfair to put the blame for climate change on people.’

People have been living under slavery for centuries.

People have been enslaved for millions of years.

We are slaves to the power of capitalism,’ she says.’

Capitalism is an exploitative system.

We can’t escape.’

She concludes: ‘If we don- we don’t start thinking about the bigger picture, the future is not going to be good for us.’

It’s an interesting discussion.

It’s not entirely clear what she’s arguing here, but it seems like she’s making a point about the way we’re now living our lives.

And it’s interesting to see how different people view this.

The conversation is a stark reminder of how difficult it is to be an environmentally conscious citizen in Australia, and how much more work is needed to address the issues we’re facing. 

You can listen to the full clip here: The worst thing you should do is be a slave in a slave society

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