The Jerusalem Forest: How it got to where it is now

A Palestinian shepherd who became an activist for Palestinian rights when he grew up in the village of Kafr Kita was a vegetarian when he was a teenager, and he said he is now a vegan.

 “I was born into a vegetarian family, but then I became vegan after I was born,” said Rami, whose full name is Rami Hamoudi.

“I went through my whole childhood with the family being vegan, but I became an environmental activist and started my activism at the age of 14.

The village is a beautiful place, but it’s in the middle of the Jordan River valley and the water quality is horrible,” he said.

Rami, who grew up on a farm in the city of Hebron, said he joined the protests against the Israeli occupation in Hebron in 2009 after a friend was arrested by Israeli police and beaten by security forces, and when he went to the protests in 2012, he was arrested and charged with throwing stones at the soldiers.

When the charges were dropped, he started a campaign called the Kafr Kabasha Campaign, which is now known as the “Green Village of Kafer Kita.”

“When I was in the army, I fought for the rights of the Palestinian people,” Rami said.

“I was involved in protests, but also I was a student and was studying in Hebrons primary school.

I was in a school in the countryside, so I would go to the protest from my home, but the schools were not close enough for me to see the protests.

At the end of the year, I went to school for another year, and I was not able to attend my school in Hebrol.

So I joined a protest movement, and the first thing I did was get arrested and was arrested a second time,” Rali said.

He said he was beaten by the Israeli security forces and was charged with trying to set fire to a building.

He was eventually released on bail, but he was still in detention and he was denied access to the outside world.

A week later, he and his family decided to leave the village for the first time.

After returning to the village, Rami decided to make a name for himself as a vegan activist.

“I started to talk about veganism and I realized that people are starting to accept veganism, so it was a big motivation for me,” he told The Jerusalem Times.

Now, he is working with the Green Village of Kita, a group of activists and artists who work together to protect the ecology of the village and its heritage, and create a place where people can live in peace.

They also provide food and shelter to the villagers, which they do on a monthly basis.

As for his vegan lifestyle, he said, he has changed his diet since coming to the Green Villages.

“”I am vegan, not just for health reasons.

I eat meat, but in the last five years I’ve also started to eat fruits, vegetables, and grains,” he added.

His vegetarian diet has been successful and he has been able to make money doing it, he added, saying that he now makes a living from the food he raises.

Last month, he helped establish the Green Vegetarian Society in the Green village of Kitas, which helps the community to get involved in protecting the environment, the environment of the villagers and the natural environment.

It was a small effort, but a lot of work was needed, Rali noted.”

We started with a garden, which was a temporary garden for two weeks, and we have now expanded to a large garden, with over 70 trees planted,” he explained.

According to Rami’s own figures, he raised a total of $50,000 in donations and created a lot more jobs, including for the people who have been working in the farm.

He is also working to change the way people are viewing him and others like him.

For example, he decided to create a social media campaign about his work and to share his story to encourage other activists and environmental activists in the region to become vegan.

He also said that he would continue to work for the community and to help promote the Greenvillages ideals and to make it a more sustainable environment for all of the people living in it.

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