The Environmental Protection Agency is getting a little too much protectionist

Posted October 25, 2018 04:14:30An agency that’s been a darling of environmentalists and Democrats for years is getting an earful from the public, and it’s not good news.

The EPA is finally starting to receive a lot of criticism for its approach to pollution.

The agency’s latest assessment of climate change shows that it’s a bigger problem than we thought, and some scientists are worried about the agency’s ability to respond.

But now the public is getting some bad news about the EPA’s actions.

We spoke with a scientist who’s been working on the issue, and he told us that the agency is now going to be the focus of a lot more media attention.

In an interview with us, Dr. Richard Alley, the director of the University of Washington Center for Climate and Environmental Solutions, said that the EPA has been getting “a lot of heat” in recent weeks.

It’s been getting the attention of some scientists, he said, who have been wondering how it’s being portrayed.

“I think it’s actually going to become the subject of more public attention,” Alley said.

“Because I think there’s an expectation that they’re going to take a different approach than the other agencies.”

The new analysis from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine shows that the United States has been emitting carbon dioxide at about half the rate that scientists have predicted, and the EPA is getting more and more attention for that.

That’s a huge change from how things were in the 1980s and 1990s, when the EPA had a pretty clear scientific assessment of how to deal with climate change.

“The EPA’s been very transparent about their approach to this,” Alley told us.

“We’re not surprised that they have been taking a much more aggressive approach.”

The analysis, released last week, concluded that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere was “on average” 4 percent higher than it should be by 2100.

It says that the level of global warming will increase by about 3.7 degrees Celsius by 2100, which means that the world will likely see more severe weather events, more wildfires, more extreme weather, and more sea level rise.

And that’s just what scientists are predicting.

The report predicts that the Earth’s average temperature will increase about 5 degrees Celsius over the course of the century, and that sea level will rise by about 1 meter, increasing the risk of flooding.

And the oceans will warm by 1.2 degrees Celsius, which will make them more acidic.

It’s been clear for a while now that the scientific community is worried about climate change, and this report just highlights that fact.

So it’s going to cause a lot less political drama about what’s going on, Alley said, but he also thinks the public will take it as an indictment of the agency.

“That’s a very bad sign for the EPA, and I think it’ll be a big political problem,” Alley added.

“The public is going to expect the agency to be very aggressive.”

Alley said that while it’s too early to say what the public’s reaction will be, he thinks it will be a negative one.

“People are already reacting with a lot cynicism to this, and to what the EPA does,” Alley continued.

“I think they’re starting to get a little bit annoyed that they’ve been getting this kind of attention for so long, and there’s been this expectation that it will continue to be done in a certain way.”

The agency has said that it is not going to go ahead with the plans that were laid out in the 1970s, and now the agency has started working on a plan that includes an even more aggressive plan that will increase emissions even more dramatically.

But for the first time, scientists have actually been able to measure the amount and severity of CO 2 in the air, and they’re worried that the current emissions are causing serious problems for the planet.

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