How to use a protective ecological zone to help protect biodiversity

The first protective ecological zones have been created in the UK and elsewhere to help maintain ecosystems.

In the US, the National Park Service and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife are among those creating similar zones.

The US is also looking to expand its use of this type of zone, and a group of researchers has recently created a map that details which areas in the US have been protected and which haven’t.

The map, which is being published in Nature, shows which areas have been placed in a protected ecological zone and which aren’t.

Areas that have been designated as protected ecological zones are marked as such in red.

The red areas represent areas in which a protected area has been created.

The blue areas represent protected areas that aren’t protected.

This map, however, shows that the areas in green are protected ecological areas and areas in blue aren’t, meaning they’re open to human access.

This suggests that some of the areas marked as protected may have been previously used for agriculture, but are now being used for other purposes.

These areas, however are being used as habitat for plants and animals.

This means that the parks’ conservation efforts may not be working as well as they could be, which could have negative impacts on the natural habitats.

The protection of wildlife in protected ecological zones is important, according to the study, because of the impacts they have on ecosystems.

This could be a factor behind the increased poaching of wildlife that can result in species extinction.

There are other factors that also come into play.

Areas designated as wildlife conservation zones can become protected under federal wildlife law.

In other words, this protects the area in question from federal regulations and other restrictions.

It’s important to note that this map only represents the protected ecological area, so it may not reflect the actual locations of all of the protected areas.

However, the research suggests that areas designated as conservation areas could be important habitat for wildlife, including birds and insects.

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