How to save your grassland

The grasslands are vital to a healthy ecosystem.

They are home to some of the world’s most beautiful plants and animals.

They support millions of years of life.

But now the global community is fighting to protect them from the destructive effects of climate change.

A growing number of countries, countries and companies are starting to take concrete action to protect their grasslands.

These include the World Wildlife Fund, the World Bank, the United Nations Environment Programme and many others. 

A number of these are looking at ways to protect biodiversity. 

There are some who think that by removing trees, shrubs and other plant life, they can create habitat for other animals.

But that is not a sustainable solution, says Peter Baille, a WWF conservationist.

“There is a real problem with this approach.

Trees are very important, but they can’t do everything, especially if they’re being taken away.” 

Baille has been working with some of these organisations to create new grassland management plans.

These plan are being published by some of them, including WWF, and are looking into the possibility of taking control of some of Australia’s grasslands, including the Great Australian Grassland, to protect it from the destruction of global warming. 

The Great Australian grassland is a large and unique grassland on the west coast of Australia, near Mount Isa.

It is home to more than 20 species of grassland plants and animal life.

The grassland has been threatened by the bushfires of the last decade and the recent drought.

The Great Australian, which is about 15km wide and is the fourth largest grassland in the world, is home the unique and spectacular beauty of its vast grasslands that range from red-bud to white-naped oaks to tall elm. 

When it comes to biodiversity, Baill is confident that the grasslands will continue to be protected.

“We’re seeing grasslands get a bit bigger and a bit more important.

And we’re seeing the impact of climate changing.

But we have to manage them in the way that they were created, so they have the capacity to regenerate and to adapt to the changes.” 

This plan comes as Australia faces a growing threat from climate change and the destruction caused by fires, as well as the loss of the Great Barrier Reef.

The current climate change model predicts that Australia will lose almost one-third of its land surface by 2100.

It has also been estimated that more than two-thirds of the Australian landmass will be covered by wildfires.

The current state of Australia is not good enough to keep the Great Australia grassland alive.

But this is not the end of the grassland, says Bailles.

“In a couple of years’ time, we’ll see a much more robust plan for conserving the Great Australians.

I hope that in that timeframe, we will have some of our existing grasslands left.”

Read more about grasslands here: What is the Great Aboriginal Grassland? 

How will it look like in 2050?

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