How to protect your garden from pesticides

An article published in Business Insider explains how to protect yourself from the pesticide-resistant weed killer glyphosate.

The article explains how the herbicide can affect the way plants are made, and how to control it.

Read the full article at Business Insider.

The plant killer is widely used on farmland, but farmers in the US are facing pressure from Monsanto to switch to a safer weed killer.

The herbicide, which is widely known as Roundup, is banned in some US states, and it is the most widely used in the world, according to the World Health Organization.

It can kill insects, causing damage to crops, soil and water quality.

However, a recent study found that farmers using the herbivore-killing weed killer were more likely to use glyphosate to kill pests than those using the weed killer that is less toxic.

The authors found that glyphosate was responsible for a quarter of the losses from pesticide applications to farms in the United States in the first five years after the ban was introduced.

The study, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Ecology, found that weed killer use rose sharply in states where glyphosate was being used to control weeds.

The researchers said that glyphosate may not be the only weed killer causing pesticide resistance.

The weed killer may also have other effects that are not well understood, the study found.

A report published in June in the journal Nature Climate Change estimated that weed killers could cause more than 80% of all crop losses in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

The European Union has been working to develop a weed killer to fight glyphosate resistance.

The UK government is considering banning the herbicides in order to reduce the use of the herb killer, which the European Commission says is causing global problems.

The US is also looking to ban the herbicidal pesticide from agriculture.

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