How to properly prepare for the winter of 2017

It’s not too late to prepare for a cold winter.

As of December 23, the National Weather Service in North Carolina is forecasting that snow will be falling by the middle of January.

This is one of the driest months of the year and, while we don’t expect the snow to last all that long, the colder temperatures and snowpack that we’ve seen will cause a substantial decrease in the amount of snow that will fall.

I’ve been working in this industry for 10 years and I’ve learned that there are many different ways to prepare, from storing your equipment and supplies in your vehicle to putting them in the garage to keeping them cold.

However, for most people, this is not a viable option for winter survival.

The Weather Channel has a great video on the different ways people prepare for winter.

If you’re interested in this topic, you should check it out.

Here are some tips to help you make winter a little more bearable for you and your family:1.

Stay out of the front yard.

The majority of winter is spent outdoors, but in a few locations, this can be difficult because it’s usually too cold for a dog to stand.

So, keep your eyes open.

Even if it’s just to the front door of your house, keep a few dogs on leash.

They’re going to want to go outside when the temperature is in the 30s.2.

Use the windows to keep an eye on the weather.

This will be the hardest part, but keep an open window.

If the sun is shining, it won’t bother your dog.

The other trick is to put on an air conditioner or put the furnace on low to maintain a comfortable temperature.3.

Keep your food, clothing, and bedding at home.

You can use this time to get out of your home and your dog will still have a lot of room to run around.4.

If there is a chance that the temperatures are going to drop a little bit, put your dog outside.

You’ll want to keep him close to your door so that he won’t get frostbite or freeze to death.

This could happen if you’re out for an extended period of time.5.

Stay in touch with your neighbors.

When it comes to winter, it’s important to have a good understanding of where your neighbors are, where they’re from, and what they’re going through.

It’s important for them to know when to expect it and when to plan for it.6.

Stay hydrated.

This includes water and a drinkable beverage.7.

Use an umbrella or a snow shovel.

The longer you stay outside, the better it will be to stay safe from the elements.8.

Consider adding a snowblower.

A snowblow can be a great addition to a snowproof home if you have to.

If your house has a chimney or vent in the basement, consider putting a snow blower on that chimney.9.

Plan ahead.

Plan out what you need to do, when you need it, and when you don’t.

You may need to take a break from work or school and do some extra preparation, but remember to always have your back to the road and not go out and drive.10.

When you’re ready, take your dog inside.

It may seem like a little thing, but a lot will happen and your time spent outside will be much better for the animals and the planet.

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