How to prevent grassland and woodland from dying off

How to ensure that grassland is protected?

Here’s how to prevent forest die-offs.

How grassland, forests and other ecosystems will respond to climate change.

The next time you are walking through a park, or even on your way to a job, consider whether the environment is suitable for you.

Why do grasslands need protection?

If you are driving through a grassland park, consider what you can do to ensure it is not in danger of becoming a wasteland of dead grasses and dead trees.

What are the biggest challenges to protecting grassland ecosystems from climate change?

The biggest challenge to maintaining grassland biodiversity is the fact that ecosystems in grasslands can suffer from climate changes.

These can lead to more severe damage to vegetation and to biodiversity.

More from GlobalPost:Climate change is impacting the grassland ecosystem, and grassland habitats are being devastated.

How do you protect grassland?

In many areas, there is little grassland protection.

In some areas, you may need to purchase an area of land, and in others, there are no existing grassland conservation areas to protect.

Read more about how grassland has been affected by climate change:

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