About Ecology Protection

A series of new laws designed to protect wildlife and habitats around Australia will be introduced in the coming months, and could result in major changes in wildlife and habitat conservation policies, the country’s largest conservation organisation has said.

Key points:The new laws will bring more protections for wildlife, wildlife habitat and waterways, and also require a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from existing infrastructure Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg said the legislation would bring more protection for wildlife and wildlife habitat, and the changes could have “significant” impacts on wildlife, as well as changing the way we live in the country The changes would see the introduction of more protection and conservation policies for wildlife habitat.

Under the legislation, the Commonwealth Government would provide for “recreation enhancement” for species such as endangered birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians and invertebrates.

The Government would also provide “dynamic management” for wildlife species to encourage the recovery of the countrys most threatened species.

Mr Frydenburg said the Government had already taken a number of significant steps to protect Australia’s wildlife and the environment, including the reintroduction of protected species to protected areas in the Murray-Darling Basin, and a range of other measures.

“The Government is committed to creating a stronger Australia and a safer place to live,” he said.

“We have made great strides in protecting our environment, and we are looking to take those steps forward.”

“We know the future is bright, and with this legislation, we can be a stronger nation for future generations.”

In an interview with ABC Radio Perth, Environment Minister Josh Frodenberg described the changes as “significant”.

“With this legislation we are going to take some of the most significant steps in our conservation policy and we will be creating a more sustainable Australia,” he told the ABC.

“This is a significant step towards that.”

He said the new laws would ensure the Commonwealth’s conservation policy is sustainable.

Mr Fryderberg said it was important to ensure that all Australians had the opportunity to experience the benefits of the new legislation, as it would create more opportunities for conservation.

“There are some species that are at high risk in areas like the Murray and Darling rivers,” he added.

“These are some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife species, and they need protection to survive.”

The Government said it would also introduce “dynamically management” measures for species, such as introducing protected species on private land to help them recover.

“The changes we have proposed to the Commonwealth Conservation Policy will allow the Commonwealth to provide more protection to species, with the Commonwealth acting as a dynamic management agency for those species,” Mr Frydenbrough said.”[These changes] are part of the broader goal of ensuring that we are taking significant steps towards conserving Australia’s environment.”

“This will also help to ensure species can be reintroduced in areas of high conservation need.”

The measures include:Protecting species and ecosystems in areas that have become threatened or degraded.

The introduction of a “diversity of management” framework for species.

Including a requirement for more efficient and sustainable use of natural resources and an “increase in wildlife habitat management”.

Mr Frydeldberg said that, in order to ensure the new policies were sustainable, it was vital to make sure that the Government’s “current policies are fully implemented”.

“We are also looking at ways of making sure that we do not take significant steps that will impact on the environment,” he explained.

“So the measures we are making are not going to be disruptive to our environment or the environment of any other species.”

“The Commonwealth Conservation Program is already very effective in the protection of species and species habitats, and that’s what we want to do here in Australia,” Mr Frodenbough added.

Under the new rules, the Government would ensure that the Commonwealth conservation policy was sustainable, and will increase the use of a diversity of management for species in the Commonwealth.

The Government also introduced “delta zones”, which are a measure to ensure areas have fewer people and less habitat in order that it can better manage wildlife populations.

Mr Frodenber said the changes were “significant”, but it was not enough.

“It’s important that we recognise that we need to get this right.”

As long as we’re going to have this government, we’re still going to need to protect the environment for the next 50 years,” he noted.”

And that means protecting our wildlife.

“But it means that we will continue to take great steps towards conservation, and I hope that all of our communities will embrace this.”

Mr Fryenber said it wasn’t just about wildlife.

It was about the environment too.

“I want people to understand that there are a lot of other people who care about the planet, too,” he pointed out.

“[It’s] about protecting the environment and wildlife.”


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