A man’s journey into the world of environmental protection quotes

An environmental activist has shared a list of more than 300 names of people who have died in the name of conservation in the country.

He has called the list a “warning”.

The activist, who goes by the nom de guerre ‘Babu’, said that he has been documenting environmental death since the early 2000s, with a focus on those who were not involved in conservation efforts.

“I came across this list of people from the environmental movement and I had a feeling that the names that were on the list might be people who had died in our fight,” he told NDTV.

“They were very well known in the environmental movements, but I was shocked when I looked at it.

I started writing about the names and I found out that many of them were the same people that I had written about in my blog, including people like Dr Ramesh Kumar, a well-known scientist, who had committed suicide after being involved in a fight against toxic pollution.”

The list has not stopped me writing about it, because the names of the people who died in this fight are very familiar.

“People who are close to me have told me that they died in my name, and they told me, ‘It is me, you are my hero, I died fighting for environmental values’,” he said.

The activist is calling the list “a warning”.

He has written about the list of names in a blog post titled ‘This list is for those who have lost their lives in the fight against pollution and toxic pollution’.

He said that this is the result of “people who do not take the fight seriously”.

“People of all ages have joined us in this cause.

Many people are older, and many are young.

There is no age or gender limitation on joining us,” he said in the blog post.”

Many of us are doing it for ourselves, but also for the environmental community, for the farmers and for the environment in general.

We will continue to fight for the fight for environmental preservation and for a clean environment.”‘

The death of the conservation movement’The activist, whose real name is Babu Bhagat, has been writing about environmental deaths in India for more than 10 years.

He has also been involved in protests against the National Green Tribunal.

“This list of those who died is a warning to the environmentalists who have been trying to save the world,” he added.

“The death or disappearance of the green movement is a clear indication that it is in trouble.

We need to unite with all of the environmental communities in the world.”

Babur said that people who are involved in the protest movement should be arrested and prosecuted.

“If they do not stop, I will write about it and write more,” he stated.

He has not ruled out the possibility of publishing the names, and said that if the government wants to intervene, the activists will not be deterred.

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